Why choose Mechanical Engineering?

If it moves, it’s mechanical engineering!

...structures and vehicles of all sizes.

This field encompasses a very broad range of subject areas, including materials, machines, structures, energy, fluids, controls, design and manufacturing, and biomedical engineering. Mechanical engineers design machines and mechanical systems, engines, motor vehicles, aircraft, satellites, power plants, building energy systems, manufacturing systems, robots, control systems, medical equipment, and consumer products. They are involved in the production of metals and advanced materials, manufactured goods, electronic chips and computer components, machine tools and industrial supplies. Their products are as diverse as the Dash-7 aircraft, the Canadarm, a computer disk drive, an automobile, a carbon-fibre tennis racket, an artificial heart, or a solar panel.

Above all, Mechanical Engineering is a creative profession, with an emphasis on designing, simulating and improving the world we live in. Mechanical engineers are also concerned with energy resource production and utilization, environmental protection measures, and alternative energy systems such as solar, wind and tidal power. Mechanical engineers are versatile, and frequently take on inter-disciplinary projects which overlap with electrical, chemical and civil engineering.

Mechanical engineers find employment in every branch of  industry, including the aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, building systems, energy, chemical and high-technology, sectors, and they undertake work ranging from design and manufacturing to research, consulting and management. Because of the breadth of the field there is always a steady demand for mechanical engineers. Some of the graduates have also used their mechanical engineering education as a springboard to medicine, management, or other careers. The Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program is broadly based and covers all of the important areas of mechanical engineering: mechanics, materials, energy, machines, fluid dynamics, controls, and manufacturing. A strong curriculum with lots of design and hands-on laboratory work.

Mechanical Engineering is …

…design, machines, materials, energy, engines, research,motor vehicles, aircraft, power plants, building energy systems, manufacturing systems, robots, machine tools, the Canadarm, instrumentation, invention, environmental protection, computer disk drives, combustion, boilers, reactor vessels, control systems, medical equipment, consulting, Mars rovers, consumer products, metals, plastics, management, artificial hearts, wind and tidal power, composite materials, locomotives, jet engines, manufactured goods, ships, creativity, electronic chips, satellites, computer components, carbon-fibre tennis rackets, solar panels, industrial supplies, smart structures…


Kobie Boykins(NASA-Mechanical Engineer)

“Work (Live your life) with such Enthusiasm!!!”

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A few of the distinct Sub-fields that you can do your career in >>

Its clear that Mechanical is a vast field!

A few photographs related to sub fields of Mechanical

1. Aerospace

2. Gas turbines

3. Armament engineering

4. Automobile Engineering

5. Energy engineering

6. Industrial engineering

7. Production Engineering

8. Nano Technology

9. Manufacturing Engineering

10. Thermal Engineering

11. Welding Engineering

12. Ceramic engineering

13. Non-Destructive Testing

14. Industrial Pollution Control

15. Industrial Safety Engineering

16. Rocket Propulsion

17. Aerodynamics

18. Petroleum engineering

19. Design Engineering

20. Robotics


22. Mechatronics

23. Environmental engineering

24. Materials engineering

25. Modelling and simulation

26. Vibrations


28. Nuclear Engineering

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28 Responses to Why choose Mechanical Engineering?

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  2. prem1988 says:

    The Aspirants who have got qualifed for getting an admission in to an engineering college through the Entrance Exams will be in a dilemma regarding the college and Branch selection. Many of the students show interest in the branches like Electronics and Communicational Engineering, Electrical and Electronical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering. Just check Branches Of Engineering, Good Choices for the Aspirants

  3. navneeth says:

    will you tell me which is better mechanical or mechatronics .i have completed my 12 th now i am going to b.tec .please please help me sir

    • Shinde says:


      Both the branches are good! It all depends on your interest!

      You can switch from mechanical to mechatronics!
      But you cannot switch from mechatonics to mechanical!

      If you are sure about your interests
      in mechatronics! Then go for it!

      Else mechanical is always a better option!

    • Jigar Patel says:

      I believe mechanical is better. If you believe in your self and continue working everything is good.

    • sabari says:

      mechanical dhan da bcz mechanical is a subject for gate exam but there is no subject named as mechatronics so it is best
      and ur intrest plays an important roll

  4. navneeth says:

    thank you very much sir for your help.

  5. navneeth says:

    is mechanical and Mechanical Engineering – Design & Manufacturing are same ?

    sir by doing b.tech with mechanical can i become a scientist

    • Shinde says:

      “Design and Manufacture” is a sub-branch of Mechanical, just like “Mechatronics” is a sub-branch of mechanical!

      Yes you can become a scientist! but you will need a long time for that! Becoming a scientist is more related to your research!

      For becoming a scientist you should now get admitted in high quality institute for graduation! After that is the main step for you! To get in research!

      All most all companies have (R&D) research and development department! there all researchers are working for betterment of all designs and concepts use! you can have your own patents when you get your won ideas!

      To get more and more in research you should do post graduation and Ph.D. But what is better for you to become a scientist you will come to know slowly!

  6. navneeth says:

    sir by doing b.tech with mechanical can i become a scientist

    • Shinde says:

      I know one Institute which is totally research oriented! But I don’t think it is higher that IITs! The only problem with them is that you can’t keep on changing the company or organization or the country you are serving in! As they invest a lot of money on you during your training! It is Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT) in pune! There may be more! but I know only this one which is very much research oriented!

  7. sijo says:

    i am a little weak in physics but m good in mathematics….. i have done good in computer science in 12th…… should i take mechanical or comp. sci??

  8. Kalpesh says:

    Am not able to decide the Branch for my Engineering. I am interested in doing Mechanical Engg. But my dad says to think again and to opt for Civil Engg. instead. my dad considers the salary…!!! what if i take civil engg. for FE and then can i change my Branch to Mech. engg in 2nd year????? Plz sir help me to decide and do i have options of changing my branch after completing my FE.

    • Shinde says:

      No doubt that Civil is a great branch! In fact – no matter what happens, Civil branch is always prospering.
      Let me tell you that if you go to mech or Civil, there are always chances that you would work less in office or in buildings of company, and more outside> on the site. But the chances of staying out are more for Civil. It depends on which subfield you select.

      Both are Equally Good! prefer not changing the branch aft 1st year. Some colleges keep the conditions for changing the branch after forst year> 1. U should have scored good marks in 1st year. 2. (Sometimes) There must be also a person from the opposite branch who should be ready to come in your earlierly selected Branch.

      • Kalpesh says:

        thank you sir!!! I have opted for CIVIL Engineering and i am loving it… Am happy to be with civil!!!
        Every Branch is GReat its just the interest that one shows for that branch or field!!!!!

  9. Hemant says:

    A very useful site for mechanical aspirants… good site… great work done :D

  10. dhawal says:

    pursuing b tech in mechanical (3 yr)..but want to know what after as i want to go for industry no teaching profession,what to do higher studies or go for job…

  11. amit yadav says:

    how a b.tech mechnical engineering student take addmision m.tech in airospace engineering

  12. Kishore says:

    SIR, i am a plus two graduate from tamil nadu,i have opted mechanical engg because i liked it……..I got admission in college under anna university and i want to do me in automobile engg in some other country.which country do you prefer and what must be my academic requirements to join those colleges…….what must i do to join them

  13. sir,
    mene mechanical branch le rkha h . Me is subj ko pdh rha hu leki iss se mujhe kavi dr lg rha h me iss balans nhi kr paa rha hu ki kish subj ko kitna time do or useee kese pdhu . can u help me plz……………

    Replay plz

  14. K.Chandra Shekhar says:

    Sir I am in my 2nd year of BE in mechanical engineering and plan to do a MS but I dont know which branch in Mechanical I am interested in. What should I do?
    Is it better to do a MS in Mechanical as a whole or do i need to choose a specific field because I havent come across subjects related to half of what you have mentioned above.

  15. thokozani mhlakaza says:

    hy i cn jst summurize myself ” .. I am a hard worker at school even at i love to fix thing & a fact is that i love mechanically engeneare bt the problem is ??? Or my question whre i wll wrk compliting my degree cz i’m interested in manufacturing construction vihicles & arrest my case

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