Why to join Merchant navy?

A very important thing for you to note!

I am not a person who is working or who is having working experience in Merchant Navy! I am being asked many boubts and queries; which I am not capable of answering. There was very less information available on the internet when I created this page. So, this page was made in order to give a brief information, to the people, inspiring to get into merchant navy.

If You you have doubts. I have given links to the reputed institutes. You can get contact information on their websites and you can call them up and ask your doubts if you want to!

The Merchant Navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet, which deals with transporting cargo and occasionally, passengers, by sea. Its fleet is therefore composed of passenger vessels, cargo liners, tankers, carriers, as well as other special types of vehicles. A career in this field is full of adventure and long voyages to exotic places. Above all this, the excellent pay and promising promotional opportunities make the career lucrative and exciting in spite of all the hard work life and long absence from family and home. What is the big attraction of the merchant navy? Two things come to mind – money and foreign travel. There are other benefits like tax free income, quick promotions and an exciting life. But the money is the main temptation. You get fat pay checks and you don’t pay tax (if you stay out of the country for more than 6 months in a financial year). You start earning a big salary at a very young age. To give you an example, the starting salary for a 22 year old 3rd officer or 4th engineer (junior most officers on board ships) on an oil tanker is be more than 1500 $ per month (conservatively speaking). This amount depends on the type of ship and the company you join! Officers normally work on a contract basis. Junior officers do 6 to 9 month contracts, while senior officers do 3 to 6 months on board. Remember that you get paid ONLY when you are on board.

So, your salary is half of what you are said to get. The catch is, you stay away from home for extended periods of time. In fact you spend most of your time at sea rather than on land. Its not as if you reach a port and everyone goes ashore. Work continues with every officer / crew member working in shifts (watches as we call them). You are free to go ashore once you have completed your watch but don’t forget that you have to come back from your shore leave and work again. So, you either sleep or you go ashore. Work on a ship, never stops. As long as the ship is doing something – sailing, loading / discharging cargo, it’s making money for the ship owner. Port stays have gone down considerably so the ship is in port for a short time. Of course, this depends on the type of ship you are on. Container ships are in port for a few hours (YES few hours), oil tankers for 24 hours, cargo ships and bulk carriers stay longer in port. Watches in port are usually on a 6 on 6 off basis, 6 hours on duty, 6 hours off duty, and then you are back to work. Hence you cannot go ashore in every port because you need to rest sometime.

The ship owner is pays you to stay on board, not to go ashore! Its not all bad news, you do get to go ashore and do some shopping and maybe sight seeing. Ports are normally far away from civilisation. Travelling to and fro takes up time and is not cheap. With visa restrictions, many countries will not let you stay back for a holiday after you complete your tenure on your ship. So now you know why the ship owner pays you so much. You are being paid for staying away from family and home, you are being paid for long stints at sea and hardly any chance to go ashore. By the way, the girl in every port stories you have heard is pure myth!!! You will not get time to meet girls and if you do meet girls then they will be the wrong kind. Some companies do allow officers (usually senior officers) to carry their family (wife / kids) with them.

If you say, “I can handle everything, just as long as I get paid well.” That’s just fine, as long as you are aware of what you are getting into!


How to join Merchant navy?



While you are getting in an Institute for Merchant Navy >>

Go to the DgShipping website!

See the list of approved training institutes! And then search for the official website of that Institute through Google!


A few Private Institutes that may respond to your request and may guide you to enter their Institutes…

1. Samundara Maritime Institute, Lonavala.

2. Great Eastern Academy, Lonavala.

3. Vishwakarma Maritime Institute, Kondhwa, Pune.

4. MANET, Pune.

  • You can find information for entering that particular Institute by contacting those Institutes!
  • These are decently good institutes, to do your required courses in.


Also, Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering (Formerly known as GME), 1 year course is offered in the following Institutes in affiliation with Indian Maritime University:

1. IMU, Mumbai.
2. International Maritime Institute, Greater Noida.
3. Anglo Eastern , Mumbai.
4. Maritime Foundation, Chennai.
5. Chidambaram Institute of Maritime Technology, Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu.
6. CV Raman College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.
7. MERI, Mumbai.

-The eligibility for the course is Graduate in B.E Mechanical engineering with an aggregate of 60% (SC/ST-55%).

  • You need to have a valid IIT-JEE score after 12th to go for Merchant navy!
  • You can prepare for the entrance exams that various maritime institutes conduct for the intake of candidates!
  • The admission process consists of interview and a entrance exam. Get in contact with the institute for syllabus.
  • For the Engine Side > Exams contain questions on aptitude, essay to check our English, and the main thing is the mechanical engineering questions.


There are also other Merchant Navy Universities coming up in India.



Career in Merchant Navy can be pursued either as an officer or a rating in mainly two specialized fields, i.e. Marine Engineering (Engine side) and Nautical (Deck side). To become a seafarer, following streams of entries (Pre-Sea courses) are available to Indian citizens in the Government as well as in private training institutions (recognized and approved by Director General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping)



  1. 3 year degree course in Nautical Science for (10+2) students.
  2. 4 year degree course in Marine Engineering for (10+2) students.
  3. 2 year course for Diploma Holders.
  4. 1 year course for Graduate Mechanical Engineers.
  5. 3 month course for Deck Cadets for (10+2) students.



Types of ships in Merchant Navy you may deal with, in your career:


1. Container Ship

Container Ship

Container ships are cargo ships that carry all of their load in truck-size intermodal containers, in a technique called containerization. They form a common means of commercial intermodal freight transport.

Container Ship Size Categories





Ultra Large Container Vessel (ULCV) 14,501 and higher With a length of 397 m, a width of 56 m, draft of 15.5 m, and a capacity of over 15,000 TEU, ships of the Emma Maersk class are well over the limits of the New Panamax class. (Photo: The 15,000 TEU MV Edith Maersk.) Edith Maersk Suez.jpg
New panamax 10,000–14,500 With a beam of 43 m, ships of the COSCO Guangzhou class are much too big to fit through the Panama Canal’s old locks, but could easily fit through the new expansion. (Photo: The 9,500 TEU MV COSCO Guangzhou pierside in Hamburg. ) COSCO Guangzhou 02 (RaBoe).jpg
Post panamax 5,101–10,000
Panamax 3,001 – 5,100 Ships of the Bay-class are at the upper limit of the Panamax class, with an overall length of 292.15 m, beam of 32.2m, and maximum depth of 21.2 m. (Photo: The 4,224 TEU MV Providence Bay passing through the Panama Canal.) Panama Kanal 01 (40).jpg
Feedermax 2,001 – 3,000 Container ships under 3,000 TEU are typically called feeders, and are most likely to have cargo cranes. (Photo: The 384 TEU MV TransAtlantic at anchor.) MV TransAtlantic.jpg
Feeder 1,001 – 2,000
Small feeder Up to 1,000




A bulk carrier, bulk freighter, or bulker is a merchant ship specially designed to transport unpackaged bulk cargo, such as grains, coal, ore, and cement in its cargo holds. Since the first specialized bulk carrier was built in 1852, economic forces have fueled the development of these ships, causing them to grow in size and sophistication. Today’s bulkers are specially designed to maximize capacity, safety, efficiency, and to be able to withstand the rigors of their work.

Today, bulkers make up 40% of the world’s merchant fleets and range in size from single-hold mini-bulkers to mammoth ore ships able to carry 365,000 metric tons of deadweight (DWT). A number of specialized designs exist: some can unload their own cargo, some depend on port facilities for unloading, and some even package the cargo as it is loaded. Over half of all bulkers have Greek, Japanese, or Chinese owners and more than a quarter are registered in Panama. Korea is the largest single builder of bulkers, and 82% of these ships were built in Asia.

A bulk carrier’s crew participates in the loading and unloading of cargo, navigating the ship, and keeping its machinery and equipment properly maintained. Loading and unloading the cargo is difficult, dangerous, and can take up to 120 hours on larger ships. Crews can range in size from three people on the smallest ships to over 30 on the largest.

Bulk cargo can be very dense, corrosive, or abrasive. This can present safety problems: cargo shifting, spontaneous combustion, and cargo saturation can threaten a ship. The use of ships that are old and have corrosion problems has been linked to a spate of bulker sinkings in the 1990s, as have the bulker’s large hatchways, important for efficient cargo handling. New international regulations have since been introduced to improve ship design and inspection, and to streamline the process of abandoning ship.


3. Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

A cruise ship or cruise liner is a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship’s amenities are part of the experience, as well as the different destinations along the way. Transportation is not the prime purpose, as cruise ships operate mostly on routes that return passengers to their originating port, so the ports of call are usually in a specified region of a continent.

In contrast, dedicated transport oriented ocean liners do “line voyages” and typically transport passengers from one point to another, rather than on round trips. Traditionally, an ocean liner for the transoceanic trade will be built to a higher standard than a typical cruise ship, including high freeboard and stronger plating to withstand rough seas and adverse conditions encountered in the open ocean, such as the North Atlantic. Ocean liners also usually have larger capacities for fuel, victuals, and other stores for consumption on long voyages, compared to dedicated cruise ships.

Although often luxurious, ocean liners had characteristics that made them unsuitable for cruising, such as high fuel consumption, deep draught that prevented them from entering shallow ports, enclosed weatherproof decks that were not appropriate for tropical weather, and cabins designed to maximize passenger numbers rather than comfort (few if any private verandas, a high proportion of windowless suites). The modern cruise ships, while sacrificing qualities of seaworthiness, have added amenities to cater to tourists, and recent vessels have been described as “balcony-laden floating condominiums”.



Reefer Ships

Reefer ship is a type of ship typically used to transport perishable commodities which require temperature-controlled transportation, mostly fruits, meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products and other foodstuffs.

Reefer ships may be categorised into three types:

  1. Side-door vessels have water tight ports on the ships hull, which open into a cargo hold. Elevators or ramps leading from the quay serve as loading and discharging access for the forklifts or conveyors. Inside these access ports or side doors, pallet lifts or another series of conveyors bring the cargo to the respective decks. This special design makes the vessels particularly well suited for inclement weather operations as the tops of the cargo holds are always closed against rain and sun.
  2. Conventional vessels have a traditional cargo operation with top opening hatches and cranes/derricks. On such ships, when facing wet weather, the hatches need to be closed to prevent heavy rain from flooding the holds. Both above ship types are well suited for the handling of palletized and loose cargo.
  3. Refrigerated Container vessels are specifically designed to carry containerised unit loads where each container is an individual refrigerated unit. These ships differ from conventional container ships in design and power generation equipment.

A major use of refrigerated cargo hold type ships was for the transportation of bananas but has since been partly replaced by refrigerated containers that have a refrigeration system attached to the rear end of the container. While on a ship this is plugged into an electrical outlet (typically 440 VAC) that ties into the ship’s power generation. Refrigerated container ships are not limited by the number of refrigeration containers they can carry unlike other container ships which lack sufficient refrigeration outlets or have insufficient generator capacity. Each reefer container unit is designed with a stand-alone electrical circuit and has its own breaker switch that allows it to be connected and disconnected as required.


4. Roll-on/roll-off (RO RO SHIPS)

Ro-Ro Ship Illustrated

Roll-on/roll-off (RORO or ro-ro) ships are vessels designed to carry wheeled cargo such as automobiles, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers or railroad cars that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels. This is in contrast to lo-lo (lift on-lift off) vessels which use a crane to load and unload cargo.

Ro-Ro Ship

RO-RO vessels have built-in ramps which allow the cargo to be efficiently “rolled on” and “rolled off” the vessel when in port. While smaller ferries that operate across rivers and other short distances often have built-in ramps, the term RO-RO is generally reserved for larger ocean-going vessels. The ramps and doors may be stern-only, or bow and stern for quick loading.




An oil tanker, also known as a petroleum tanker, is a merchant ship designed for the bulk transport of oil. There are two basic types of oil tankers: the crude tanker and the product tanker.Crude tankers move large quantities of unrefined crude oil from its point of extraction to refineries.Product tankers, generally much smaller, are designed to move petrochemicals from refineries to points near consuming markets.

Oil tankers are often classified by their size as well as their occupation. The size classes range from inland or coastal tankers of a few thousand metric tons of deadweight (DWT) to the mammoth ultra large crude carriers (ULCCs) of 550,000 DWT. Tankers move approximately 2,000,000,000 metric tons (2.2×109 short tons) of oil every year. Second only to pipelines in terms of efficiency, the average cost of oil transport by tanker amounts to only two or three United States cents per 1 US gallon (3.8 L).

Some specialized types of oil tankers have evolved. One of these is the naval replenishment oiler, a tanker which can fuel a moving vessel. Combination ore-bulk-oil carriers and permanently moored floating storage units are two other variations on the standard oil tanker design. Oil tankers have been involved in a number of damaging and high-profile oil spills. As a result, they are subject to stringent design and operational regulations.


6. Chemical tanker

Chemical tanker

A chemical tanker is a type of tanker designed to transport chemicals in bulk.

Ocean-going chemical tankers generally range from 5,000 metric tons deadweight (DWT) to 40,000 DWT in size, which is considerably smaller than the average size of other tanker types due to the specialised nature of their cargoes and the size restrictions of the port terminals where they call to load and discharge.

Chemical tankers normally have a series of separate cargo tanks which are either coated with specialised coatings such as phenolic epoxy or zinc paint, or made from stainless steel. The coating or cargo tank material determines what types of cargo a particular tank can carry: stainless steel tanks are required for aggressive acid cargoes such as sulfuric and phosphoric acid, while ‘easier’ cargoes – e.g. vegetable oil – can be carried in epoxy coated tanks.


7. LNG carrier

LNG carrier

An LNG carrier is a tank ship designed for transporting liquefied natural gas (LNG). As the LNG market grows rapidly, the fleet of LNG carriers continues to experience tremendous growth.

At the moment there is a boom in the fleet, with a total of more than 140 vessels on order at the world’s shipyards. Today the majority of the new ships under construction are in the size of 120,000 m³ to 140,000 m³. But there are orders for ships with capacity up to 260,000 m³. As of 6 March 2010, there are 337 LNG ships engaged in the deepsea movement of LNG.


8. FPSO vessels

FPSO Vessle

FPSO Vessels

Man has not only harnessed the seas for transportation but for industrial purposes also. The offshore industry owes all credit to the development of FPSO’s (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) units. Over the last 30 years, FPSO vessels have acquired a place of importance in the area of oil and gas production. They are an essential to exploit the reserves to the best of their potential. Oil has been exploited from off shore locations since 1950. The first oil FPSO was the Shell Castellon, which was built in Spain in the year 1977.

FPSO Diagram

Why FPSO Vessel Over Pipelines?

In our section related to deep ocean engineering, we have studied how underwater pipes are laid in the sea. Yet laying of pipelines is always not a feasible option. The scale of economics always does not run in favor of this option. Oil and Natural Gas are an absolute essential for the industry. Even a small reserve cannot be ignored and for such a small reserve laying of pipeline may not an ideal option. FPSO’s are the best alternative in such cases.

An FPSO is a floating vessel that has been designed in a manner that makes it conducive to receive, process and store oil or natural gas. These stages are necessary before the produce is offloaded onto a tanker or a pipeline. Oil tankers may be converted to function as a FPSO. Vessels may be used for oil storage alone. Such units are termed as Floating Storage Units or FSU’s.

A Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessel (FPSO; also called a “unit” and a “system”) is a type of floating tank system used by the offshore oil and gas industry and designed to take all of the oil or gas produced from nearby platforms or templates, process it, and store it until the oil or gas can be offloaded onto a tanker or transported through a pipeline.

Oil produced from offshore production platforms can be transported to the mainland either by pipeline or by tanker. When a tanker solution is chosen, it is necessary to accumulate oil in some form of tank such that an oil tanker is not continuously occupied while sufficient oil is being produced to fill the tanker.

Often the solution is a decommissioned oil tanker which has been stripped down and equipped with facilities to be connected to a mooring buoy. Oil is accumulated in the FPSO until there is sufficient amount to fill a transport tanker, at which point the transport tanker connects to the stern of the floating storage unit and offloads the oil.

There are two main types of FPSOs, the converted Oil tanker option or the purpose built option. FPSO vessels are broadly of two types:

  • A Converted Oil Tanker
  • A Custom Built

The FPSO’s can be permanently moored or diconnectable. It is the area in which the vessel has to be used that controls the basic design.  In calm waters a simple design can serve the purpose but in case of volatile waters the structures will be designed accordingly. The basic difference is in the injection lines, which are external in case of calm waters and internal any other case. The second factor that is kept in mind while designing an FPSO structure is the direction of the wind in that area. The effort is to reduce the effect of the environment.

With increasing environmental and safety concerns the functioning of FPSO vessels is continuously monitored by international agencies (International Maritime Organization) The organization has issued detailed guidelines for carrying out the various functions and handling of discharge which may be a by product of the processing done on the vessel.  With the very nature of the product stored on these vessels being inflammable, safety provision and training acquire immense importance.

The World’s Largest FPSO Vessel: The Girassol FPSO, is one of the largest FPSO vessel functioning in the world today. It was constructed in Korea. It has been constructed as a joint venture between Bouygues Offshore and Stolt Offshore within a period of 21 months. The vessel has a production capacity of 200,000 barrels per day and a storage capacity of 2,000,000 barrel storage capacity.

A very important thing for you to note!

I am not a person who is working or who is having working experience in Merchant Navy! I am being asked many boubts and queries; which I am not capable of answering.

There was very less information available on the internet when I created this page. So, this page was made in order to give a brief information, to the people, inspiring to get into merchant navy.

If You you have doubts. I have given links to the reputed institutes. You can get contact information on their websites and you can call them up and ask your doubts if you want to!



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  2. saurabh singh says:

    i want to join the merchant navy.and i want to know the process to join these colleges.

    • pruthvirajshinde says:

      The admission process consists of interview and a entrance exam. get in contact with the institute for syllabus.

    • Prabhat says:

      dear sir,if you want to placement in merchant navy then
      plz contact us on these no.8010930361/62/8130610544

  3. Joswin says:

    Do i have to give Imu exam to join any of the government merchant navy institutes

    • Pruthviraj Shinde says:

      Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering (Formerly known as GME), I year course is offered in the following institutes in affiliation with Indian Maritime University

      IMU Mumbai MERI Mumbai
      International Maritime Institute Greater Noida
      Anglo Eastern , Mumbai
      Maritime Foundation Chennai
      Chidambaram Institute of Maritime Technology Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu
      CV Raman College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar Orissa
      The eligibility for the course is Graduate in B.E Mechanical engineering with an aggregate of 60% (SC/ST-55%).

      • Sudhanshu says:

        Sir i want to ask that what is the criteria for an electronics& communication engineer to get a job in merchant navy. Sir plz reply ….

      • Dushant says:

        Please contact the institutes that I have mentioned for the information you are asking! They may help you!
        I do not know!

      • amit kumar says:

        if general category students aggregate is about 58% then can those students get admitted in these institutes… and what is the admission procedure in these instituted for gme (whether they take any exam or interview)

      • Dushant says:

        Yes you can get there and there is a good chance into good training institute.
        normally you will be having a written entrance exam on the basis of which you will be called for interview by the institute.

  4. abid says:

    I m mechanical engineer with 3 years war ship experience as deputy engineer, how can I shift my career into merchant navy? how to appear in exame? pls guide on my email:

    • Pruthviraj Shinde says:

      Sir, you need to consult the dgshipping approved institutes directly as you said you had 3 years war ship experience.

  5. Sumit says:

    Sir i am doing mechanical engineering 2nd year from a private university bt i want to join merchant navy after can i join it please reply me soon.

    • Pruthviraj Shinde says:

      Yes! you can join merchant navy on both sides> ENGINE side or DECK side!

      You can join Any institute which offers 1 year pre-sea course But only that is DIRECTLY approved by DGshipping. You can check the list of approved institutes on dgshipping website!

  6. Sekhar says:

    Sir i am a mechanical enginering student doing my from a private colege. I want to know whether i can join directly with my enginering percentage or should i have to give separate exams for getting into any of the college.

    • Pruthviraj Shinde says:

      After graduation. You need to give a different exam of the institute approved by DGshipping and complete 1 year pre-sea training through that institute.

  7. vishal minhas says:

    i’m wishing to join merchant navy as a deck officer so can u please help in giving details of only government institutes as early as possible

    • Pruthviraj Shinde says:

      Firstly you need to give an entrance examination conducted by IMU! You have to give that examination even if you want to enter private institutes! The rest you will understand while undergoind the process!

  8. Pruthviraj Shinde says:

    Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering

    Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering (Formerly known as GME), I year course is offered in the following institutes in affiliation with Indian Maritime University

    IMU Mumbai MERI Mumbai
    International Maritime Institute Greater Noida
    Anglo Eastern , Mumbai
    Maritime Foundation Chennai
    Chidambaram Institute of Maritime Technology Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu
    CV Raman College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar Orissa
    The eligibility for the course is Graduate in B.E Mechanical engineering with an aggregate of 60% (SC/ST-55%).

  9. preet says:

    i m doing +2 in non medical. Can i join marchant navy directly after +2.. If yes what r eligible marks .. When they conduct entrance test…? Pls tell me as soon as posible…..

  10. andrew savio says:


  11. Sagar says:

    Sir, I’m a B.E. mechanical fresher and i’m quite unaware of the various institutes and the courses offered by the marine institutes, so can you plz. help me out

    • Pruthviraj Shinde says:

      Go to the DGshipping website! there you can see the list of approved institutes!

  12. Sagar says:

    Details of application forms to join merchant navy for one year GME course. Is there any current opening, plz inform me.

    • Shinde says:

      You need to keep on seeing each institutes website for that!

      Got to the DgShipping website! see the list of approved training institutes! And then search for the official website of that Institute through Google!

  13. Samarth says:

    Sir, I am currently pursuing my B.E. in Electrical and Electronics engineering branch. Can I join merchant navy? If so, what’s the procedure?

  14. Amit says:

    Currently i am doin my 3rd yr BE (Mechanical). I understand as an engineer i must get into the Engineering field of Merchant navy, also i must undergo a training course of 1 yr. My question how can i prepare myself for the 1yr course so that i can become an Junior engineer eventually?

    • Shinde says:

      You can prepare for the entrance exams that various maritime institutes conduct for the intake of candidates!

      Exams contain questions on apti, essay to check our english, and the main thing is the mehanical engineering questions.

  15. mukesh baghel says:

    i m persuing seamanship course. so how can i join meerchant..plz tell

  16. k chaitanya says:

    sir i completed my in mechtronics am i eligible to merchant navy please do answer me

  17. Amit says:

    Currently I am doin my 3rd yr BE (Mechanical). I just wanna know is it necessary to be nominated by a shipping company to join merchant navy? Are they any advantages in that?

    • Shinde says:

      It is not necessary to be nominated by a shipping company to join merchant navy!

      It is just that you will have peace of mind after completing your course that you are already placed in that shipping company and you do not need to run for placements! you will have to bare all the expenses on your own required for completing the course in general.

      But if the Institute is Good then I don’t think that you will face any problems in getting placed!

      Also let me tell you that a few government institutes accept candidates who haved been nominated(placed) by a shipping company.

  18. Sir i”ve recieved 59% marks in pcm and 63% in english.I am interestd in nautical science and I want to study.Am I eligible for your college.

    • Dushant says:

      First of all I do not own or run or work in any college!

      I have given the links to various college websites in the comments! please go to the respective websites and check if you are eligible or not!

      And I think you need to have a valid IIT-JEE score after 12th to go for Merchant navy!

  19. siddharth says:

    dear sir,
    My name is siddharth and i am doing automobile engineering (4th year).My question is ,can i join the merchant navy .i will be waiting for your reply Sir.

    • Dushant says:

      Dear Siddharth,
      I have provided links of different merchant navy training Institutes in the comments. Please go to those respective websites. and enquire them via phone.

  20. vansh says:

    sir i m in final year with electronics and communication can i go for merchant navy?????
    i m also selected in phoenix maritime services pvt. ltd. but i don’t know much about it they take 5lac amount for giving me employment in merchant navy???? is it right to go with phoenix???/ pls help me??

    • Dushant says:

      Yes you can go for merchant navy!

      You can join on the deck side for sure!

      I am doubtful of the Institute you are talking about!

      Please check the following link for the list of approved training institutes by DG-Shipping!

      they have a list of approved training institutes!

      The name of the Insitute you have spoken about does not appear in the list!
      I would personally recommend you to go for some other Institute!

      Best of luck!

    • marine_observer says:

      Vansh, you can join as a trainee Electro Technical Officer.
      By using your present qualifications, you can’t become a Deck Officer.For that route you have to again persue a Graduation in BSc Nautical Science.

  21. Vikas Yadav says:

    i am doing electrical engg. & want to join merchant so tell what to do ?

  22. ateeb khAN says:


  23. Bharat chauhan says:

    Sir , as i live in delhi so i wanted to ask that how is international maritime institue in greater noida is for marine engineering degree course in respect of placements …as i am very worried about placements and please tel me how is the college in overall respect.. Thank u sir

    • marine_observer says:

      Apply for IIT-JEE, get admitted in better institute, MERI (MARINE ENGINEERING AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE)

  24. santosh rao says:

    i m pursuing b. E. In mechanical branch
    And my future plan is to join merchant navy
    It will be a great honour 4 me to join thisì

    • Dushant says:

      This is not any company~! I don’t even work in Merchant navy! This page is created to just guide people to merchant navy.

  25. Sahil says:

    Sir,I am in 3rd year(M.E).I want to know that is their any benefit to do mtech in marine engineering after btech.Or else i should directly opt for 1 year pre sea course training.Do Mtech students get any advantage.

  26. abhinav rao says:

    i am intrested join merchant navy.

  27. hello sir, im in 4th year B.E(Mechanical) with 63% aggregate, and i am very much interested in merchant navy, can u suggest me the names of some institutes near mumbai where i can do 1 year GME course…and plz tell me what is min Fee structure for the course………..Thank you

  28. Hello Sir,
    My name is Sohan T Borge.I done my Bsc(IT) & MBA also.I have 2years industry experience.But ,i want join merchant navy.So,can you tell me i am eligible for that?? If yes,then tell me the procedure..

    • Dushant says:

      Dear Sohan T Borge,

      According to my knowledge you are eligible. There are many institutes that offers courses for merchant navy!

      In my article I have given information and links to Institutes, You can call them and ask them the procedure.

  29. I have cleared written test for Marine Engineer Officer conducted by Anglo Eastern College, Mumbai. what is the importance of my this result in market? will it be beneficial to join course ?

    • Dushant says:

      Your result holds importance for only this time and this institute! It hold no value in the market!

      Anglo Eastern College, Mumbai is famous.

      You may join the course only if you are interested to get in merchant navy!

      I would like to warn you that there are rumors of the start of very less salaries by the shipping companies.

  30. nittin kaushik says:

    i m pursuing engineering diploma from computer science i want join merchant navy . i want do nautical am i eligible or not

    • Dushant says:

      I am sorry I do not know about eligibility in this regard. You will have to get in contact with the renowned Institutes to know about it.

  31. tushar says:

    sir.i am complete in my diploma in mechanical engg.i am very much interested in merchant navy.can u suggest me.

    • Dushant says:

      I am sorry I do not know about eligibility in this regard.

      You will have to get in contact with the renowned Institutes to know about it!

  32. Amit Yadav says:

    Sir, i am doing BE mechanical from goa university. however i failed for 2 years. so can i still join any of these institutes after finishing my degree?

  33. santosh shukla says:

    sir.i’m engg) final year student.
    i want to join merchant navy and have also applied for Anglo Eastern College.
    i’ve cleared the written exam of anglo.
    they provide pre sea training for 2 yrs bt in above comments i saw that it was written that some institutes procide 1 yr pre-sea training….is there any difference btw that?
    samundara martime institute provie 1 yr pre sea training..
    plzz replyy

    • Dushant says:

      What information you are having may be more accurate! I am sorry I do not know about it as I have lost my touch from it.

  34. Harmeet Singh says:

    Myself Harmeet,i want to join merchant navy. I ve done grudation in Arts.
    Can I join the same.

  35. aman says:

    sir, does all institutes mentioned above have 100% placement ?

  36. adnan says:

    Hi.i’ve read your article thats too good too usefull.
    I want to join merchant navy so please guide me.
    Just mail me @

  37. Are shipping company dont recruit enginneers just after persuing mechanical engineering. Is it compulsory to do one year post graduate course after doing B.Tech in mechanical engineering. Please help me if there is any chance of getting in mercahant navy after my B.Tech. Please provide me the list of best shipping companys in india. I am passionate to join mercahant navy. Please help me.
    my email is-

  38. sameer says:

    sir i am in my 2nd year of electronics and commn. engineering under vtu..i am a bit skeptical about my chances into the merchant navy..would you plz guide me.will it be the same like the other officers who get hell like salaries?

  39. SAJEESH says:

    sir, i’m completed BSc. mathematics,how can i join navigation dept. in merchant navy?


    sir, i’m completed diploma in mech. engg. which course is best for my carrier in merchant navy? and how can i join?

  41. Atul Yadav says:

    sir i have passed 12 with pcm and english as my subjects with 57% marks!!!!is there any scope for me to join merchant navy as deck cadet or anything..please provide me the list of institutes in delhi



  43. gurpreet singh says:

    sir,i am a student of engineering). I want to join merchant navy. Can you please tell me about different courses in merchant navy which i can do after and which course will be more beneficial.

  44. pushkaram says:

    Hello sir
    I am completed in intermediate (12) I am wishing join marchant navy In six month courses plzz tell me your suggestion

  45. Dhana babu says:

    sir i am completed in ssc (10) I am wishing to join the marchant navy please tell me sir how to join the marchant navy courses

  46. pushkar says:

    sir i completed intermediat (+2) I am wishing to join the Marchant navy six month courses please tell me Marchant navy corses

  47. lalit patil says:

    sir i complite diploma in mechanical engg. can i join marchant nevy?

  48. pritam says:

    i will join the merchant army as a dect cadet

  49. pratik says:

    i am 3rd year student of production engineering ,so i wanted to know is there any chances for production engineer , what preparation i should do join merchant navy?

  50. Jaswinder says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have done my in mechanical engineering with 70% in 2011. I had no working experience for past one year or can say a gap year, so my question to you is can i join merchant navy. Please reply, m confused.


  51. Hello Sir,
    Suppose i take admission in MERI for 1 year course…
    Question 1: After completing the course is there any guarantee* that i will get a job as 5th engineer..i mean after investing 3lakhs fee…what u say?

    Question 2: please throw some light on salary and promotion ?????????

    If i m on leave as given by company which is of 4-5 months…. do they pay me … i mean salary will come or not…

    If not then why i am wasting my time here…lets concentrate on PSu’s LOL

  52. John sum says:

    hey i have just finished my 10th .. and i am intrested in joining merchant navy.. how do i join? please can you help me? i am 16 years old.. i need to do my 12th.. what after that? and what institute? what course? what IMU exam?
    and where is the course and so on
    .. can you please give me all the details?

  53. shankar says:

    sir i m shankar be mechanical engineer.My quation is am select foreign shipping company and which is highest post in mechant navy. i am doing some design cources such as catia V7,pro_engineering,autocad2009 and also piping course.but only problem is my english is littal poor.all this seen am ijoine in merchant navy.

  54. mayur says:

    after compliting degree in mechanical which course will i do please reply me.

  55. aak says:

    sir ,iwant to know the jobs after marine engineering on land …plz reply

    • Dushant says:

      I am sorry! I do not know! You better visit some institutes that provide training for merchant navy to the candidates. You can follow the links on this page, so that you can get their contatcts from their website.

  56. happy soni says:

    sir i have completed polytecnic mechanical engeering ??can i do marine engeering after polytecnic??

  57. Jagdev Singh says:

    I have experienced 20 years in army .and i’m looking for security job in merchant navy. Please provide me some information about that.

    • Dushant says:

      Please contact the institutes who provide training for the merchant navy for that info…

      • Jagdev Singh says:

        I have experienced 20years in army as a Electretion as well as auto and track veh DG Set.Iam Retired 31March 2005,and serving in Mobile Sector as a Tech 2Years,and Elect Eng 4Years,we are work on Automision Panels and DG Sets.Please conf as a Election in Merchent navy.

      • Dushant says:

        Please contact the companies ot the institutes that i have mentioned on this page, that can provide you with the required info you want.

  58. Upesh pawar says:

    After investing so much time and money whether they are giving job guarenty?

  59. Upesh pawar says:

    what is the syllabus to crack the test?

  60. vijay says:

    sir, i have completed B.E.(E & TC),Can i become chief officer by doing ETO COURSE….??

    • Dushant says:

      You cannot just become a Chief officer or engineer. It will take a long time to become a chief engineer/Officer or Captain.

      • vikas says:

        is vishvakarma maritime institute pune an appropriate one to go for gme course and is the placement guaranteed?

      • Dushant says:

        Vishwakarma maritime institute is a good Institute. I have been to that institute before for enquiry.

        But I don’t have any knowledge about the placements!

    • S.K. says:

      U will become electrical officer, then 4th engineer, then 3rd, then 2nd and then finally chief engineer. Buddy thats gonna take half of ur life.

    • marine_observer says:

      NO, you can’t.
      For becoming a Chief Officer you have to be an Executive Officer, ie a Navigating Officer/Deck Officer.

  61. sir i have done BTECH in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. can i join merchant navy..??
    please tell me the procedure for the same if i am elligible.waiting for you reply sir. :)…:)

    • Dushant says:

      I don’t know!

    • S.K. says:

      sorry dear, there s nothing for you. All u can do is get into pre-sea course for deck officers based on yr 10+2 scores and start all over with kids as yr colleagues.

  62. Nisheeth Wadhwa says:

    Hi Sir,I am a student of 3rd year Computer Science and Engineering and I want to join a Merchant Navy?? It is possible or not,if yes then can you provide me the procedure for taking admission And any procedure for job in Merchant Navy??

    • Dushant says:

      I am sorry! I don’t know! You may callup the institutes who provide training for merchant navy and ask them!

    • S.K. says:

      Hey buddy, i am chief officer sailing on bulkies, only mechanical, electronics , electrical, naval arch. chaps can get in.

  63. ashu says:

    sir, i m a 3rd year student and i want to join merchant navy and i also know the procedure how to go in. But i want to know that it is possible to take sponsership from any company before doing to gme if yes. so what is the procrdure for it????

    • ashu says:

      sir, i hear that in merchant navy we can working only for 6 months but sir could we also got a salary when we are not in the ship for the rest 6 months?

      • Dushant says:

        The salary depends upon the company.

        e.g Some companies may be paying 2.5 lakhs per month; Both when on-ship and off-ship, that means throughout the year!

        Others may pay 5 lakhs only when you are on-ship that may be half of the year!

    • Dushant says:

      Dear Ashu!

      It is possible to take sponsorship! May be you have to keep a watch on the merchant navy magazines for that! Please get in contact of the reputed institutes>> They


      guide you!

  64. ashu says:

    sir i am 3rd year(me) student and i want join merchant navy and i also know the procedure how to go.But sir iwant to asked u before gme it is possible to take sponsership from any company if yes so what is the procedure for that.?

  65. rahul rawat says:

    can i join merchant navy after 12th with commerce

  66. manju says:

    is swimming necessary for joining

  67. Sourabh Bagga says:

    I have done B-TECH (MEchanical) after Polytechnic(Diploma),not done 10+2 am I eligible for Merchant Navy.

  68. vivek says:

    sir , what is the guarantee that one will get the job after doing in mechanical and PGD in merchant navy .

  69. Abhijeet Dominik says:

    Sir, i am student of mechanical engineering of 3rd year student from a privet univercity . I want to join merchant navy, so please guide me, about the process & pakages.

    • Dushant says:

      Get in contact with recognized Institutes. Few institutes I have mentioned on this page! Check the eligibility. they may be having entrance exam

  70. nirmal kapadi says:

    sir i m mechanical fresher……i m interested in merchant navy….can u tell me which institute can definitely give me a job after completing the course ????….or which institute have 100% placement.???

    • Dushant says:

      Get in contact with recognized Institutes. Few institutes I have mentioned on this page!

      • nirmal kapadi says:

        i want to done the course in samudra marine which is in ur list….. will they give me definitely the job ?????? i cant under stand plz help me……. i had also visit the institute just 5 days ago…

      • Dushant says:

        I am sorry! I dont know. this is just an informative page! Please try contacting other institutes.

  71. Rohit dagar says:

    dear sir,
    i want to ask that what i have to do to join merchant navy

    • Dushant says:

      Checkout the eligibility criteria and get in contact with recognized institutes to get proper information!

  72. jagveer says:

    sir my name is jagveer sing i am appearing in 12th i want to take admission in marine engineering colleges but i do’n knew how can i apply in marine engineering please help me

    • Dushant says:

      You may have to Go thorugh IIT-JEE or AIEEE or the state entrance exams. and look our for colleges offering the courses! PLease search and verify the information. You may get in contact with the recognized Institutes in merchant navy for getting exact information.

  73. bro cud u plz tell me if their is any medical related issues that are taken under consideration.

  74. virendra shakya says:

    hello sir, can you suggest me some institute for preparing test for 1 year-pre sea training. or where can i know about syllABOUS. right now i am 3rd year student.

    • Dushant says:

      Please contact the institutes providing training for Merchant Navy for the information you are looking for!

  75. arjun shrivastava says:

    sir i hv just joined BE mechnical please tell me that after compleating this for joing merchant navy will iit-jee scoor card is compulsury for me and please tell me what will be the next step for me to join merchant navy.

    • Dushant says:

      U need IIT JEE score only if you want to get into Merchant navy professional course after 12th. If you are planning to do it after graduation, you don’t need IIT-JEE score

  76. pukhraj says:

    i m 4th year student with information technology branch.
    i m intereted to join merchant navy..
    can i join merchant navy ?

    • Dushant says:

      Please contact the institutes providing training for Merchant Navy for the information you are looking for.!

  77. vansh says:

    i have doen own diploma in computer science and i have also 10+2 with pcm mascards c an i apply for merchant navy plz help me i am good in sports

    • Dushant says:

      Please contact the institutes providing training for Merchant Navy for the information you are looking for.

  78. gurjeet singh says:

    hello sir ,
    i have done in ECE can i able to join merchant navy please give me answer as early you can

  79. santoo kumar says:

    i’m getting few intimate from this site.pls give me instruction when entrance exam form will fill.

  80. santoo kumar says:

    pls give the entrance form date

  81. Nikhil jaiswal says:

    sir i am 3rd year b.e. student. i want to join merchant navy but i don’t have any guidance plz tell me what can i do.

    • Dushant says:

      Please go to the sites that i have linked on the names of the institutes. you can then get in contact with them and they may guide you!

  82. ashu sonkar says:

    sir,their is surety that after gme we got a placement

  83. Sir i m i 12th PCM from chhattisgarh Bord,i want to become at least 3rd officer in merchant navy. can you tell mow how to give the IMU exam and books prefer for that ? what are the cutoffs and -ve marking if any? ? ? i heard that after 1 year DNS i have to do training on ship for 18 months then i will become 3rd officer? what about the cost of doing DNS (diploma in nautical science 1 year) ? and can you tell me the good universities which is having good placements after DNS 1 year ?should i have to join some any company after 12th?for doing diploma for 1 year?

    • Dushant says:

      I have mentioned some very good institutes on this page! I don’t know about what is the picture of placements in merchant navy companies!

  84. Sir i m i 12th PCM from chhattisgarh Bord,i want to become at least 3rd officer in merchant navy. can you tell me how to give the IMU exam and books i have to prefer for that to prepare for exam? is that IMU & IGNOU is now same? can i join DNS after appearing entrance of IGNOU what are the cutoffs and -ve marking if any? ? ? i heard that after 1 year DNS i have to do training on ship for 18 months then i will become 3rd officer? what about the cost of doing DNS (diploma in nautical science 1 year) ? and can you tell me the good universities which is having good placements after DNS 1 year ?should i have to join some any company after 12th?for doing diploma for 1 year?

    • Dushant says:

      IMU & IGNOU are not same!

      If are looking forward for getting in merchant navy IMU is the place you may be looking for. IGNOU is for distance education for many courses!

      The rest of the Questions you have asked I do not know about it! Sorry!

  85. chhotu ram says:

    sir i m in 3rd year of in m.e. iwant to join merchant navy please tell me abot it how i can join it……………………thank u……..

  86. sir/mam
    can i do diploma in nautical science after my 10th with 60%?
    and then can i join the merchant navy direct after 18 month training from any good company?
    please help me i need your serious help please :((
    tell me the good institute in India, for doing the diploma in nautical science after 10th CBSE with 60%?

  87. Rajat salathia says:

    i didn’t gave IIT-JEE entrance after 12th ,so i don’t have its report card but i’m doing graduate engineering in mechanical approved by AICTE so can i join merchant navy after my degree?

    • Dushant says:

      Yes you can join merchant navy after doing Mechanical Engineering!

      • chirag says:

        my bro is willing to join merchant navy ..
        N he is confused btwn Great eastern, Anglo eastern n Manet.
        Please do suggest a good option.
        Or js giv me a call on 09860944204(nt in btwn 3pm-11pm)
        I wanna somthing n need your help bro..



  89. ashish says:

    sir i have done in compuer science and i am intrested to join navy please suggest me it is possible to join navy if yes then what the procedure please helpme out of dis
    thank you

  90. sunil malik says:

    Dear sir,
    i am sunil malik pursuing specification in computer science with 65%. i am interested in merchant navy for officer post.
    please guide me i am eligible or not if yes, kindly provide me full procedure

  91. AMOL says:

    sir i am in S,E MECHANICAL ENGG. I am very interested to coming in marchant navy field, so plz guide me about admission for tha marchant navy on my email add. is

  92. pramit says:

    sir what is the salary of a fourth engineer yearwise

  93. sir, i have passed my B.E IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING WITH 65%

  94. Guriqbal Singh Sodhi says:

    gud evng sir.
    sir i have completed degree in mechanical this year and have 54.9% overall nad i m appearing test for samundra inst on nov 18 there any chance to get admn in that inst if i clear all their requirements

  95. VINEETH.VN says:

    sir i am this site helps me to know the right spirit of joining merchant navy without having any doubt all are cleared but let me know if i have 58 % only in my academic ( btech mechanical engineering ) im backward in caste but nOt belonging SC/ST categories…MAY I HAVE ANY CHANCES FOR OBC ( other backward community ) CANDIDATES ?

  96. Can i join Merchant navy after Diploma in civil?
    tell me how to join with legal procedure.

  97. kurush says:

    sir i am a commerce student and i completed my 12th with 50%…is it possible for me to join merchant navy any how..i am ready to do the courses for it..please help me out…thank you

    • Dushant says:

      I am Sorry! I Don’t Know! There is a possibility for you! But only in Inland Waters! Please Enquire with the Institutes providing Merchant Navy Courses.

  98. Sudesh says:

    what is the salary amount of a deck officer?

    • Dushant says:

      I am Sorry. I Don’t Know.

    • marine_observer says:

      Don’t Run after Salary, biggest mistake you can do is to join Merchant Navy for money!
      Money you will get everywhere as per your qualifications and abilities,same applies here, Officers do get 8-9 lakhs pm and Officers with same rank also get 40-60 thousand pm.

  99. manasvi says:

    sir, i am doing B.E in industrial and production ( a sub branch of mechanical engineering). i wanted to know if i can get into merchant navy with a graduate degree i production engg. lookig forward to your guidance. my email id is :

  100. gaurav singh says:

    sir,i have completed my diploma in computer science from anna university with 68% marks.sir can i do b.tec in marine eng. Means nautical science.sir my left eye has minus 9 power.and other eye is 6/6.sir,how can i apply.

    • Dushant says:

      I am Sorry! I don’t know!

    • marine_observer says:

      Yes you can do B.Tech in Marine Engineering or BSc Nautical Science if your age permits, your eyesight is low,you need 6/6 in both eyes for Nautical Science.Your Diploma won’t serve the purpose.

  101. Ishfaq says:

    Sir,i am a 10+2 with ( phy. And math). I want to join merchant navy.Have i eligiblity to join the M.Navy?please reply

  102. Arjun says:

    i had completed my engineering from ‘b’grade
    collage , is it will effect me in any, in joining merchant navy

  103. sir,
    i am in 10 std, and i want to join merchant navy after my 12th, so is it necessary for me to apply for iit-jee or ican directly apply for merchant navy.

  104. Pavan T says:

    I am final year mechanical student( 4 year degree). how can I apply for the merchant navy. is there any entrance exam?

  105. shivm says:

    is iit-jee score card necessery for marine engg???

  106. ekta jain says:

    sir i am in 12th and i want to join merchant navy after 12th,so sir whats the process to join merchant navy.i am girl

    • Dushant says:

      The process for Girls is the same as boys. It will be better if u apply for IIT-JEE and apply to institutes through it for geting into renouned institutes providing course in Marine engineering.

    • marine_observer says:

      Apply for IIT-JEE and also fill up a form of Indian Maritime University (IMU),By this you can get admitted to TS Chanakya ( for becoming a Navigating Officer) or MERI (for becoming a marine engineer). You can also go for DNS leading to Bsc Nautical Science Offered by Indian Maritime University with private institution partnership,although this year they are taking only sponsored candidates.OR apply for BITSAT and Gain admission to TMI (Offcampus BITS Pilani ), you can also do the Marine Engineering and Bsc Nautical Science at various other approved institues although first check for approval on http://WWW.DGSHIPPING.COM , and doing such courses from not so ruputed institutes may lead to placement problems.

  107. hello sir, m rajveer sarmal a student of NIT SRINAGAR,a company named OMEGA SEA SERVICES PRIVATE LTD. visited our campus whose RPSL MUM 211 (which is on the name of OMEGA SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT .LTD ) has recruited about 40 students from our college after writen ,p.I,,medical exam………..we got selected for the course of GES .The company will provide us 6 months pre sea training and 18 months on board training (with stipend upto 15000- 20000).after the completing the course we will get our job as 3 officer (they are assuring us for job with max delay of 2 months written on stam paper of 100/=).but they are charging 5 lac for the course and 30,000 as advance payable throug D.D at OMEGA SEA SERVICES PVT LTD before 12-01-2013 as i am a student of 7th semester with IT BRANCH………………but everyone is bit doubted about the company as a single person is dealing with us everywhere from company’s end……………will u pls help me to know whether this is right or not , should i join it or not,as 5 lac is a huge amount and i belong finacially poor family…………………………………i shall be highly thankful to u if u guide me to right path…… no. 8146510974……plz reply asap

    • Dushant says:

      I am sorry!. I am also a student just like u! I too Dont know about the companies!

      Be very careful! their are a lot of fraud institutes!

    • marine_observer says:

      Don’t join any company as such. Since Govt. Of India does not approve any such course.
      DNS (Diploma in Nautical Science leading to BSc Nautical Science ) is a similar course approved by Govt. Of India. course : 2 Semesters at Institute,3 semesters at sea onboard training,1 semester back in institute. This course is only offered by Indian Maritime University (IMU) central govt. University. at their Offcampus locations and in campus. Admission can only be gained by qualifying IMU-CET. No other method can be adopted in any case. Hence the course that your company is Offering is not approved.

    • Seshu says:

      For us also the same doubt.
      In our college they recruited 28 members as ETO and the procedure is same what you have said above.
      Is your doubt clarified?????????
      Is it a fraud???????
      Please help me……………….
      I’m waiting for your reply.

      • Dushant says:

        Anyone just can’t become an ETO directly, for becoming an ETO in merchant navy,
        eligibility- a diploma or degree holder in electronics or electrical or similar streams. With some minimum cut off marks.
        12th std is mandatory with PCM.
        after having such an qualification, one will be going through a cource which is offered only at certain institutes approved by dg shipping. for list of training institute and it’s approved cource refer to , if your company is training you in such an institute which is approved by dg shipping for eto cource, then you can join the company and go through a cource, without undergoing through any cource of ETO you can’t get a job as an ETO, if your company says the institute in which you are going to get trained is not certified by dg shipping but by some other country then don’t prefer to go, since you won’t get an Indian CDC (continuous discharge certificate) which is primary for indian seafarers, hence if you meet all the eligibility criterias and undergo through a proper approved cource for ETO, you can join as a trainee ETO, under which initially you will recieve a stipend, not a salary, also to keep in mind an ETO is not a full flegded officer on a ship, he is non certified Officer unlike Navigating and Engineer Officers.

        For more information contact
        -Abhishek Tiwari

  108. Danish sobti says:

    well …helo..sir.i am..ri8now in +1. …i need some guide lines….fr merchant navy… be frank. ..wt i a handsome slary. .wch..evry1 dream..of..wt should be my %in 12th..inorder to get..a ncy slary. wch course shuld..i do….

  109. anmol says:

    good job

  110. Shoaib says:

    Sir, I have completed 12th with commerce …What should ido to join merchant navy?

    • marine_observer says:

      Apply for IIT-JEE and simultaneously apply to IMU. qualify in IIT-JEE and join the maritime academies.

  111. ritikesh kumar says:

    sir i want take admission in dns or marine engineering.give me suggation to choose college in i fill up form.because i don’t know anything about marin college and syllabus?

    • marine_observer says:

      suggestion? you want to choose college? college will choose you,you will not choose the college. Apply for IIT-JEE, you can join MERI for marine engineering and TS Chanakya for BSc Nautical Science. DNS course is no longer Offered to unsponsored candidates from this year,with force of DG Shippping’s notice.

  112. marine_observer says:

    Please note that the three month Deck Cadet course had been abolished by the Govt. of India in 2001, it was a course which consisted 3 months on landbased training and 36 months onboard training, before appearing for second mates (F.G).

  113. Anurag says:

    Sir i have completd my bsc in phy. with 1st class.
    can i join merchant navy

  114. shaikmajeed says:

    Hello Sir. Myself Shaik Majeed, pursuing my 2nd semester of my final year course from approved AICTE college.. Can I apply to merchant navy job after completion of my… Sir plzzz reply to msg… whenever. I need the guidance… So plzz help me.. abt merchant navy job or course which i have to do after my I wil be most thankful to u .. sir..

    • Dushant says:

      Yes! You can get into merchant navy after completing a course in an institute approved by DGshipping. and then u can get into merchant navy.

  115. Deepak says:

    please give me information that is this institute fake or real and if it is real then tell me that can I will do my merchant navy course through it…

  116. sir,
    your blog/info was very help ful…i’m very thank ful to you,

  117. Sridhar says:

    Hello sir,
    Iam frm hyderabad. Recently a company named phoenix maritime pvt ltd has conducted a drive for marchant navy.. And i got selected for primary rounds of selection contains aptitude n HR.. And now they are asking to come for medical check up in mumbai with 3500 dd.. if i clear my medical they are saying that i have to pay 2000 immidietly after medical to book a seat in institute for my training..They said In that training time i wil get 15k to 25k.. But people saying that this is a fake company..
    Iam in big confusion to go der not. Sir pls help me to knw abt this company And what i have to do now..

  118. arpit says:

    i like all d info provided about this wonderful carrier ,it helped me a lot for sorting my queries regarding joining dis field thanks!

  119. Akshay says:

    I want to pursue my carrer in merchant navy as a mechanical engineer, currently i am doing my engineering from mechanical department and have got a drop in first year. Am i eligible to pursue my career in this field?

  120. rizwan mohsin says:

    hello sir,
    i m a mechanical engg student. i want to join merchant navy after completion of my degree can you please help in suggesting the procedure to get a merchant navy job… what i will have to do after my degree and through which exam i will have to appear… suggest me some colleges also… i will be greatly thank full to you…. please reply me sir…

    thank you….

  121. Sonu says:

    Hello sir,
    i am also from hyderabad. I too got selected in the phoenix maritime services pvt ltd. And along with 20,000 they are also asking 5.5 lacks rupees for training. And after they are going to place us in some shiping industry.
    If you have any details of this company it will going to help us a lot sir.

  122. Sakshi Srv says:

    i am in class 11th nd i want a job in merchant navy by the help of “Marine engineerng” so, how can i prepare for dat..???
    plzz tl m a bit confused as yu said dat various sites gives various information
    n wat else couls b d way to get into merchant navy

  123. low t levels says:

    I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to
    do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. cheers

  124. ashish harsh says:

    Sir I am a 10+2 student wants to join merchant navy but I have passed with commerce stream.
    .m I eligible for deck officer

  125. vinay singh says:

    i m cricket player …i want join merchant navy….but m done +2 in arts…can i join merchant navy????????????

  126. Aditya Dasari says:

    I am Mechanical Engineer with aggregate less than 60% , i am now working as Design Engineer in Mining Machinery Manufacturing from past 2 yrs so i am deeply interested in transmission and Hydraulics . I want to join Merchant Navy as an Engineer , i am confused when will the 1 yr Pre-sea course starts and which Institute is better from which place . I am from Vizag , institute in vizag was not well reputed but recognised i dont know about the placements.

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