What Religion Really means???


Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the former.”

Albert Einstein

God is One.”

This is a sentence to which hardly anyone would go against, the sentence that reminds us of the whole Mankind as one. Well, then what forces the human mind to slay his own brothers under the name of different religions & communities? Is he trying not to think what he is doing? Or is he forced to do it? Or he has nothing else to do? Or is his mind not capable of thinking about it?

So is there any reason for any religion to be hated? Is there any need for you to hate the community of that Religion?

Religion is just like a car. Both are designed for the benefit of mankind. If a person drives the car recklessly, resulting in accidents then that doesn’t mean that the car is of a low standard & should not be used by anyone else. Similarly if the followers don’t follow their religion sincerely then that doesn’t mean that, the religion that they belong to commands him to do it. As the famous saying goes – “There are black sheeps in every community”.

Now what does following a religion mean? It means following the teachings that have been given to us by the religious books. These religious books are the books of directions showing man the right path. It guides his flattering steps giving him timely reminders of God’s will. It gives him the moral sense to distinguish right from wrong. These are the books of wisdom, full of every expression of understanding. These are the books of law which have laid down for us the very foundation on which we build our religion or society.

Religion is a part of our personal life. Whenever you imagine a religion; first of all you should be able to imagine it’s Holy Book & it’s religious teachings; And not the followers & the holy places of that particular religion. People who hate a particular religion or community are ignorant & hence are not able to follow their own religion. Since Ignorance is taught in none of the religion.

Just calling out the name of God doesn’t mean you belong to that particular religion. What makes you belong to a particular religion is the Religious teachings which have been accepted by an individual in his own life. Those are the set of rules that an individual follows. As everyone on this earth has Freedom of thought. Then treating human beings as a set of different religions does not make any sense to a mentally sound person. And slaying or hating our fellow brothers of different religions is no better than Insanity.

Let your Instincts answer to whatever you think. Study the Scriptures of your own religion & if possible even the Scriptures of so called other religions. You don’t need any Pundit or Priest to understand the concept of God. (Of course you have the right to Talk & discuss your thoughts.) You have Scriptures, You are literate!

You all know Sai baba, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad, Guru Nanak, etc. They all believed in One God. Even, you believe in their teachings, don’t you? Then what makes you feel that a person of a different religion has a different God? Beware of the people whose hands have concentrated powers who try to divide us under the names of different communities for their own selfish benefits. Keep one thing in mind; Fights are only going to lead us to further anger & frustration. We need to listen to each other carefully, especially when we disagree with each other. Let us prove we are not only literate but also educated. Real religion teaches us brotherhood & humanity. Humans are divided into different clans & tribes & belong to countries & towns. Instead the whole world should be our country & the human family should be our tribe. It is sad that men divide amongst themselves. The world is narrow & it is unwise to divide it into Countries & Religions.

I love my native village with some of my love for my country & I love my country; with part of my love for the earth, all of which is my country & I love the earth with all of myself because it is the haven of humanity. You & I are children of one religion; for the varied paths of religion are but the fingers of the Supreme Being. Don’t speak of religions & countries, for the whole earth is our birthplace & all humans are our brothers & sisters, since we are made of the same earth.

It is our duty to bring mankind together, or at least to assist those who do it. All people are not unconscious. Organizations like ‘Zeitgeist’ keep on coming ahead for uniting the whole mankind of this world as one country, but it is the fault of we, the people, we are tirelessly after making money, which is created out of thin air.

Everyone seems to have opinion of it.

There can be hope only for a society which acts as one big family, not as many separate ones.” Anwar Sadat

Pruthviraj Shinde

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