As we grow in our life, nature showers more responsibilities, knowledge and awareness in its natural way. We start from being dependent on our parents right from the birth and grow into a independent and confident individual.

Have you ever noticed or felt when you took your first independent decision?

Well, no one would remember that! It all happens so unknowingly that we just cannot keep a track of how we start decision making.

Lets consider decision making as a science. Since we consider it as a science, sure we could derive some formulae for decision making. Right ??

In our daily lives, we are confronted with a task which can be bestowed on us by our choice or some family matter or social ties or just anything .. we think for a solution to carry out that task correctly and in time .. we take a decision .. act upon it .. and things are done. Right ?? Isn’t this the way most of us take decisions?

Lets try to derive a equation for decision making.

On one side we have a problem ( lets call it ‘the issue’ or ‘the subject’ ). Its defined or acted upon by certain variables like Urgency, Importance, Link to future, Relevance and Magnitude.

With the problem on one side we design or plan a solution which tries to answer these variables. The value of these variables on the other side form the solution or the Decision.

Let take the case of Choosing a Career for yourself as a Problem.

Considering that your are pursuing your studies in Class XII with 3 months to appear for your board exams and want to choose a career line today.

For arriving on a proper decision for yourself, you place yourself in a set of variables like your interest, opportunities in the market, future scope etc.

Judging yourself on the values of these variables you take a decision of career choices in front of you.

To sum up, I would say the only generalized thumb rule in decision making is ‘thorough thinking’ before arriving at a decision. Do not take a decision half heartedly.

All the best!!


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